Black Rose


It’s hard to remember the good times when I’m stuck in all the bad times

Lifes issues

The update on my shitty life….There’s mum and dad, they’re like splitting and fighting like every night, then there’s my older brother he’s almost always a dick to me, my great grandmother died, I’m fighting with this chick that just wants to start shit, my friends April Sam and Kate are fighting and I’m in the middle of it, Kate is pretty much my best friend and she’s no longer goin to my school cause she moving to helensvale and we are like never gonna see or talk to each other again and yet she talked behind my back for 3 weeks and I’m still always there for her, my other friend Mia has this cancer, my dad is now in western Australia for 8 weeks and he wont be back till christmas, my old dogs death anniversary was on the day that my great grandma died, my grandad is getting really old and can barely remember anything and is like not even a year away from dying, my dog is 11 now and has arthritics and is really starting to feel the age and to top all that off me and my so called friend that I would tell everything to I now found out that almost everything she has ever told me was all a lie and now that dads gone me and mum fight like every day and I just can’t take it anymore, I feel so alone, noone listens to and noone will every understand me, I’ve tried talking about it but it gets thrown back in my face and I’m told it’s nothing, I’ve cut but it doesnt help I’ve tried overdoes but it doesn’t work, I’m down to my last resort but I can’t bring myself to do it


You never listen, that’s why I never say anything

Without you

Now your gone what do I do, I don’t know if I can do this with out you….


You don’t care now just like you never have, so don’t put it on me. Go Fuck Your Self. You asshole


Where are you when I need you most?? Why won’t you help me??


What if I told you I wasn’t gonna be here tomorrow, what if i told you that you were never gonna hear my voice again, you would never see my face again, that the only time you would say my name was to say I miss you or r.i.p


I can’t believe that my life is finally coming to see the light……yeah right life fucking sucks I try and get away but it hurts to say goodbye so I stay and I cut so noone can hurt me more than I can hurt myself, I hate life it sucks it’s shit I hate it more than anything, I have never wanted life to be good more then now but the more I pray and beg the more it get thrown back in my face, I FUCKING HATE TOU LIFE, FUCK OFF AND LET ME DIE IN PEACE, OH AND FUCK YOU ALL IM OUT …


im sorry I’m not the girl you always dreamed of having. no matter how hard i try I’ll never be enough for you. will it?